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Intellectual Output 1

Recent research has revealed a tremendous knowledge gap related to Intellectual Property (IP) and its implementation in education. In particular, with regards to STEAM innovations, most students are not exposed to all the aspects of IP, with plagiarism being the only example of IP actually being implemented, and thus they do not even know if and how they are using IP in their works (Evans, 2016).

On the contrary, there is evidence that teaching IP in school can attract greater interest among students at higher levels of education as well, as students claim that IP knowledge plays a significant role for their education and long-term their career (Intellectual Property Awareness Network, Intellectual Property Office & National Union of Students, 2016).

Hence, as IP incorporation can protect all forms of creativity (innovation, invention, discovery), IP initiatives for STEAM practitioners are regarded as of upmost importance for their personal, educational and professional growth and should thus be an integral part of their courses. Nonetheless, in order for students to understand the progress in IP teaching, teachers should be able to closely relate IP to their course discipline.

This need is what ‘IPinSTEAM Training Course’ will tackle in the sense of raising awareness about relevant concepts and empower teachers to integrate them to STEAM teaching.

IO1/A1: Rationalization Phase - Qualitative & Quantitative verification

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IO1/A2: Expert Lexicon and Tool Bank

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IO1/A3: Training design and Course definition

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IO1/A5 IPinSTEAM Course Development [2nd iteration]

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