Welcome to IPinSTEAM!

A European Project Aiming to Empower Innovation in STEAM teaching through IP awareness
Our objectives
  • Generate awareness about the importance of IP to confront its absence from K-12 curricula
  • Empower STEAM teachers to integrate IP concepts into their courses
Our target group
  • K-12 STEAM teachers
  • Students 7-12 years old
  • STEAM departments
  • Schools & educational institutions
  • Law departments
  • E-Learning enthusiasts
Our methodology
  • Create a hands-on training course
  • Develop an online tool with real-life scenarios
  • Promote an online community to increase the project's impact

Our partners

The project consortium consists of six partners from different European countries (UK, EL, CY, PT, RO, ES).

Its composition has been structured in a way that different types of key stakeholders are represented.